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The Inner Child

The CD "The inner Child" is a guided journey back to those memories that we need to take a look at to set yourself free. Included is a this text containing the basic thinking of this Peace program.
It leads you to realize what you actually feel, accept that you have pushed aside emotions that you need to look at. It leads you to give care and comfort to your inner child.

Idea and voice: Inger Susæg

1 CD "The inner child"  NOK 100

Silver pendant with Flower of Life 

Made especially for one-family-of-joy by the silver artist Sabine Seifert.

The Flower of Life pattern shows how the particles are spinning in ethereal energy. It is a vital energy of life in every cell - thus in all life.

We have made it as a symbol for the movement we hope to develop all over the world from the ideas on this website.

The new edition ready in the middle of March is without stone. 2 cm diameter. Chain 45 cm.

Silver pendant "Flower of Life" with chain
NOK 380,-

T-shirt with The Flower of Life

We are ONE family of JOY

Colours: yellow, blue and wine red.
We don,t have all colours and sizes in stock but here is an overview. You can pay for a shirt and you will get an email with question of which colour and size. There is the usual type of T-shirt called v and a more feminin model called d. Number is left in stock for the moment.





Wine red


6 d





4d og 2v

4 d











  T-shirt with Flower of Life and text NOK 100,-

Peace cards

Package of 6 double art cards with the motivs to the left. Hand decorated envelope motivs. The income from this support this website so that it can continue.

Price NOK 100,-

6 Peace cards with envelope NOK 110,-

The founder of this website 



The nature of the life energy

The energy that gives us life, I call “the life energy”. By observing Life, we can study its nature. It is invisible to our eyes and at the same time, it is very visible. It is present everywhere. It is the way we think that makes us not see it. We have learned that we need proof for everything. Besides, it is not easy to really see that which we take for granted. Life itself is proof of the life force; having bodies, functioning as wonderful tools, having beating hearts and breathing lungs, having thoughts and feelings.

Consider that the life force accepts us all just the way we are all the time. Whoever we are, wherever we live in the world, we have Life in common. This energy gives life to all humans, regardless of religion, culture or nations. It does not differ between rich or poor, high or low. It is found within all. This is the starting point of the understanding of the Peace Program, both at internal and external levels of existence. These studies of the nature of the life energy have led to the release tools presented here, the Keys of Liberation.

When you study the life energy closer, you will discover that it forgives everything we might do in our lives. Whatever crime we might commit; we continue to live unless we ourselves would cause our own death. It does not judge, but continues to give new chances.  The life energy simply lets us unfold in the arena of Life. The way I see it, it’s humanity’s free will that decides what we experience and how the world develops.

A third feature of the life energy is the present. We actually only live in the now. What has passed is no more, and what comes, has yet to come. It only exist as memories… or as plans or worries.  What exists here in our physical life is in the NOW.

The life energy is present here and now! At the same moment something has happened, we get a new possibility, and then a new one… The life energy lets go of what happened just a minute ago. It is we who hold on to things with our feelings and thoughts. At the same moment something happens, we can choose to let go of it!

When somebody accepts us the way we are and forgives us when doing something wrong… what do they actually do? They love us! The energy that gives Life, which gives new possibilities every second, consists of completely unconditional love.

The life energy vibrate in all human beings from the time we are born. It is present in the entire body through the meridian and chakra system, known from Eastern medicine. These are systems in vertical and horizontal directions beyond the physical systems of the body. The life energy, however, does not consist of the energy given to the physical body only. We would not be human if we didn’t also consist of thoughts and feelings. Our experience is that the life energy is directly connected to our thoughts and feelings as well as the body. It transforms itself to all the forms of energy that the human being consists of. This is necessary to realize to understand the connection between body and mind. If we manage to accept ourselves and each other fully, to be loving and let go of all pain and only live in the present, we theoretically could live forever because that would be in complete harmony with Life itself.

This is quite a challenge! My experience shows, however, that the more we live in alignment with these simple truths, the better our lives can be. From early childhood, we experience situations where we get hurt, feel disappointed, abandoned, shameful or guilty. We activate our painful feelings. Our souls get wounded. When we aren’t able to work through a painful situation, we carry on with those wounds hidden inside of us. They make us react in all kinds of situations as we go through life. When we get annoyed, disappointed, feel abandoned or run over, these feelings often have their roots in earlier experiences. We may for instance be sad without knowing why. Maybe it’s because a colleague uses the same expression that your grandfather used, and you still mourn his death; a grief you were denied to grief when you were 5 years old?

The wound is carried in the subconscious of our being. We push away what is painful.  It is the nature of the life energy to feel good! However, if we want to live pleasant lives both in relation to ourselves and our surroundings, we need to be willing to see and accept those things we have pushed aside. We need the courage to be fully honest with ourselves.

To dissolve what is stuck, we can try to live in alignment with the life energy. When we realize in detail what we actually feel and find out why we feel this way... new doors open. We can forgive ourselves and those who are involved in the situation and thus we can let go of what happened. Then we can peel our “onion of life” to free ourselves completely from emotional patterns and negative thoughts that we don’t need.

Our feelings are actually as “matter”! When you suffer a painful feeling, then you actually suffer it! There is no easy way to remove it… unless you are willing to face it. Then, it becomes possible to remove. It’s not possible to remove a feeling by pushing it away. Rather the contrary. It becomes stronger and forces new situations on us that activate it anew. The “matter” represented by our painful feelings block the life energy! This is why we get ill. If I, in my subconscious mind, repeat that I feel ashamed of not being clever enough, the vibration of the Life energy is blocked in a part of the body. My experience is that painful feelings block certain passages in the body. It isn’t more strange than having a bellyache when you are nervous. On this website you can find an emotional map. All feelings that are not in harmony with the life energy, block the vibration of energy. When an acupuncturist puts needles in the meridians in our body, it’s to make the life energy vibrate. It makes the pain disappear for a while. However, unless the patient also lets go of the emotions that create the repeating thought that caused the pain, it will return after a while.

Track 1 The inner child technique

This CD is made to you help those who wants to release “their inner child”. These feelings may come from all the way back to when you were a fetus and up until rather recently. It may also hail from an earlier lifetime. You can use the CD without a certain starting point… or you can let the feelings here and now and the situation that triggered them, lead you to the memory. Just ask to be lead where you need to go right now. Situations in our daily lives can remind us of something painful that triggers our emotions. Thus, the person you met during your day might not have intended to hurt you or humiliate you at all. It is your emotional baggage that makes you feel that way. When we experience emotions triggered in our everyday life, it’s important to realize that our feelings always are our own. We can choose to see the people who trigger them as gifts to help us find our inner core, instead of blaming them.

When you are being lead by the CD to a state of being, it’s because you get as close to your soul as possible. You just ARE present. This is the very best way to get in contact with your memories. Your soul, included your inner child, is timeless and you will experience getting into memories as if they happened here and now. The very first thing that comes to you is usually the right thing. You will recognize the situation as parallel to something you are experiencing now. Be the one you were in the memory and be true to all your feelings. It is important to take all the time you need to accept (realize) all the feelings coming up as exact as possible by saying: “I realize that I feel that…” Try out several sentences and repeat those you feel hit your feelings the most. There are only 8 minutes set aside for this on the CD, so we recommend pushing the pause button when you get used to working with this technique. Rather often during the process you may need to go back to the Realizing key several times because new feelings show up along the way. The interesting thing is that the more you realize what you actually feel, the more they dissolve. Facing your feelings works like a magical door opener – it is because we deny these feelings that they get stuck

After having emptied yourself and perhaps cried many times over, you can move into the situation from outside to give yourself comfort and love, like described. Please take time to really feel what you need to forgive, whether you need to forgive yourself and if you need to ask of forgiveness.

When you have worked through acceptance and forgiveness and feel that the pain is leaving by looking back at the situation without feeling pain, then your inner child is full of life joy and love. Then you invite it into a room in your heart, like described. You don’t leave it until he or she is safe and happy. If something is still wrong, you will feel it. The child can even tell you. Then you need to go back to work on it some more. Switch between being the child and your adult self.

When you work this way, the initiation point is that you are made of life energy! Which actually is pure love! So at the end, lie down with your eyes closed and fill yourself with love, be love!

Track 2  The seed of life

Imagine that you are a seed. Inside you are every possibility that even exists. You are made of white light, which contains all colors in the color specter. Every nuance reflects a quality. All the qualities of the universe are inside you. You develop these qualities through your choices in life. Let the music lead you to the core of you. Imagine you are the seed from which you once sprung to life, and unveil your core… let imagination and visualization show you new possibilities… and new choices. Have a nice journey!