Qualities leading to peace

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When you work actively with these qualities, you get new insights in life, in communication and cooperation. They give uplifting ideas about how to create peace. You may have many of them, but still, to be conscious about them and to take in those you don't have, will give you a great lift. :)

In the physical reality, we see that the light particles can vibrate in all colours of the rainbow. But existence is not only physical reality and humans don't only consists of the physical body ... Everything in existence is constituted of light particles that spin in different ways, even thoughts and feelings. Each quality is actually a corresponding color vibration.
At this page you are invited to take in new qualities and values by filling your cells with colours and your
certainty! With knowledge of what the quality means, you declare that you are the quality.
Then you attract particles to your field that begin to spin in a new color vibration and create new qualities! You Actively need to be aware that you have them and use them! About conscious energy and the Flower of Life balls.



Life joy


Hope and optimism 



Ability to see how my emotional pain creates the problems in my life.


Ability to let go


Ability to admit that I have done something wrong.


Tranquility (peace in mind)


Clarity  Try this and you get an immediate effect!

Before you start, declare who you are by your name, birth date and gender. The flower of Life balls consist of conscious particles that need to know that they belong to you.

Close your eyes and imagine that all your cells are filled with the chosen colour. Then fill in the energy field around you with the same colour as you repeat that you are the quality. Finally, visualize a Flower of Life ball around the energy field that spin clockwise. 12 particles will start spinning, first as ethereal energy, the way you visualize, and then, when you realize what the quality means and practice it, the particles start spinning as soul energy and get included in your soul ball. This is programmed to happen.
It might be nice to work together in groups so that you fully
find out how the quality is, but it is not necessary. The important thing is to be honest with yourself and realize that you really want this quality. We recommend to say the statements out loud to yourself and start with that you are the quality, for ex.:
am life joy."
"I am respect for myself and others."
This may seem strange at first, but the fact is that we
are our souls so we need to declare that we are the quality. We are accustomed to say that we have a quality. We usually use the adjective when we say that we are, for example I am patient. However, my experience is that it works much stronger to say "I am patience." You quickly get used to it! :)
opens new doors in your life!


Forgiveness  Deepening




Ability never to give up on the path to the good.


Abilitv to change attitude


To be dynamic   I do what I need to do without postponing


Respect for myself and others


Honesty with myself and others   Deepening


Trust in my own creating thoughts
Shining gold

To see as challenge what seems difficult


Acceptance and appreciation of multitude Deepening


To be fair  Deepening




Acceptance of myself as the one I am and of others where they are in their development



All particles that form Life on Earth have knowledge of all the species that exist here. All together, they have stored the experiences that we have developed as a species. We all have access to this memory bank. It is our universal consciousness.


Joy by giving and by making others happy


To see all human beings as equally worth




Responsibility for myself and for the community







We are born with certain qualities that shape us individually as human beings. When we encounter situations that teach us something positive about ourselves through reflection and self acknowledgement, we make determinations that bring life moving up in the life spiral. - Then we develop new qualities that are colors in our Life spectrum.








Joy by forgiving


Need to learn


Joy by creating


Ability to learn by observing Life


To be a good listener


Pride to be the person I am






Joy by creating and understanding metaphors


Ability to visualize


Childlike and innocent joy



Trust  Deepening


Allowing others to develop in their own speed and in their way
This quality is present in the Life energy, allowing everrything to develop.


Ability to be intimate without being sexual




To trust that other people take responsibility for themselves


Ability to feel the truth in the heart


Ability to say what I mean without hurting


Ability to see and understand how other people's emotional pain create their lives


Gratitude to the Earth and to nature




Love for others balanced with love for myself


Confidence that other people find the truth in their hearts


Joy by community with others


To keep positive promises to myself and to others.



Sense of beauty


To see the beauty in other human beings' faces

The founder of this website

The qualities of the masters of creation became at the morning of time the universal qualities