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The old ways of thinking don't work. Wars and killing don't end conflicts. The opposite is happening... More emotional pain leads to more frustration. What helps is to stop and reflect and think positively. We need to realize that painful emotions like anger, frustration and feeling suppressed make people want to blame and revenge etc.

What I have found; painful emotions cloud the vision of human beings. The more pain, the more we feel the need to blame others. My research shows that there is a growing insight as soon as we start facing our pain in stead of pushing it aside. Realizing what we actually feel, forgiving and letting go of the pain of the past led me to see a new way to peace. By doing so, I really learned to appreciate Life in a completely new way. My suggestion is: We can only start with releasing ourselves  to be able to explain to others how it works!  Keys of Liberation

The background for this engagement is exploration of the psyche based on philosophical studies and my own experiences. Everything that lives on Earth, lives because of an underlying "invisible" neutral energy.  It is simply here as a kind of vibration in everything alive. I choose to call it Life energy.

I mean, that in this energy, there is consciousness that makes things happen... The seed to germinate, the buds to burst, our hearts to beat. We know from the chemistry at school that one and the same electron can spin in all the elements. All kinds of chemical reactions show that electrons one second spin in one type of atom and then spin in another type, and then spin in a molecule consisting of both. Then the electrons actually need to know how to form the different kinds of matter, right?

Then it's logical that there is consciouness in the particles that makes things move forward in life too, in the seed that germinates and the humans growing? I mean that the particles that the hogweed (to the right) consist of have knowledge about how to cooperate to create such a fantastic plant as this! However, it can't possibly consist only of atoms and molecules? There must be something more, something that makes the plant grow.

Human beings too consist of particles, and we too must consist of more than atoms, or we had consisted of stone? This "something" is Life itself.
What makes things move forward in life, what makes me grow as a human being, I asked myself. - It is thoughts and feelings! The thoughts and feelings that drive me forward, is energy, life energy!

It is not visible in the common sense of the word, but just as real as mobile phones, radios or other modern devices that also functions, even if they are not visible! - And nobody would say that they are without thoughts and feelings? What I have found out, is that the life energy that  vibrates in our body, to a certain extent consist of the thoughts and feelings that we consist of! When we are sad and bitter we get rather low and if we are full of joy, we get a lot of energy!

I mean that studies of the life energy is basic to find answers to the huge challenges we face, like creating peace in the world. More about the life energy's nature HERE  I think, we can only find answers by reflecting on Life itself, what we all can observe and agree about. Many people who have lived before us on Earth have given many different answers.

Even in the plant kingdom,  we find multitude within the species.

 Essays, written along my research journey (2006):

Human greatness

Are we entangled in our own thought structures?

What is Life like after death?
Is it Paradise? Heaven?



I think that all answers can be found now, and not as old scriptures and interpretations of them. I mean that all human beings can find the answers when we free ourselves from limited thinking. My exploration of the human mind shows that the mind is directly connected to the universal consciousness. That’s where ideas and new impulses come from.  Listening to our intuition and to our heart really brings us on. The answers are there, waiting for us when we dare to let go of the old ways of thinking. A very important part of my discoveries, is that the more we release emotional pain, the more connected to higher consciousness.

This is the reason that I mean that it serves all human beings to find out what our true values are. As humans we are influenced from many different sources from early childhood. I have found that by realizing exactly what we feel, by admitting what we have done wrong, we find the connection to our heart.  By that we are able to let go of old limiting thinking. The more we are able to let go of emotional pain, the more and more connected to the higher consciousness that everybody have access to.. The more we believe in ourselves and the less we limit ourselves, the more access we have to new brilliant ideas and solutions.

Science seems to have the opinion that feelings cannot be measured or compared and thus they are of little value for objective and systematical research. The way I see it, this is one of the reasons that we still haven’t found fundamental answers. We limit ourselves because of limited thinking.
My opinion is, that the research practice is not relevant on research on human nature. We consist of thoughts and feelings as well as body and we can all observe the connections between the different parts of ourselves.  We are individuals who perceive ourselves subjectively. This needs to be the basis of a new type of research working across the traditional disciplines.

This is the key for peace too. Peace in the world can only start when we really understand how conflicts occur. They start inside of us, with the single human being. They have their origin in the human nature… in our feelings and thoughts.

The most important person to create world peace is you!

Do you think it sounds selfish? When you decide working with yourself by accepting all the aspects of you and forgiving yourself and others, the opposite happens. Gradually you get able to see and appreciate all people the way they are. You see them in a new light! You see, it is our emotional wounds that make us selfish.

The human energy system. When we limit a chakra or energy channel because of emotional pain, the entire system gets limited and we  subconsciously repeat thoughts having roots in the emotional pain.  . More

From the time we are born, we experience situations that make us react emotionally. It happens as a natural consequence of the upbringing because our parents’ points of view are different from ours. When we are babies, our nature is like the nature of the life energy. We are full of love and everything we experience as anything else, makes us feel that we aren’t good enough, makes us feel abandoned, rejected and so on. The meeting between the child and the world is painful in itself.  Our nature is to seek what feels good, so we push the unpleasant feelings away…  they end up in the subconscious. It doesn’t mean that they are gone. They are the wounds of our soul. They form our ways of reacting, thinking and acting.

Your emotions are your own. It is important to remember. Only you can face your pain, whoever caused it.
Those who cause our anger or sadness is not necessarily those we need to blame. It is better to regard them as gifts to us, showing what exist inside of us. Take a look at my videos, and you will discover.
Our feelings that make life worth living. They are the driving force to everything in life. When we accept our feelings and accept ourselves the way we are, something magical happens. We start seeing ourselves in a completely new light. Doors open to new insights that make us want to continue to develop.

Then we start seeing that we all are different from others and that humanity is a fantastic family of variety, It is up to each one of us to work through and let go of the memories that create pain. Every single moment we can choose to see that “it is only I that carry my pain”.  We are not able to heal the world until we are willing to feel exactly what hurts so that we can find ways to forgive and let go.   Getting there

From the personal to the global

It is human beings who make decisions on all levels of the world. All human beings carry painful baggage from childhood, youth and adult life that lies in the subconscious and makes us think and act as we do. Most of us have experienced to feel rejected, passed over, offended, disparaged or ridiculed. It is the feelings from those memories that steer our ways of action.
We need this psychological insight to be able to solve conflicts, indeed also between peoples and nations. All human beings need to understand that their anger and hatred are their own. We encourage everybody to stop and think and start with themselves. It’s a long path to go, you might say.  I think that it will be like the snow ball that starts rolling. It is small to start with, but we will reach an accelerating effect when the collective consciousness starts influencing more and more people. We are all influenced by the collective consciousness that makes us do what the others do… We who realize that peace needs to start with the single human being, have to go in front to create a constantly greater knowingness about it.

By taking responsibility for our lives, we take responsibility for the community

Humanity face many challenges of psychological and emotional character these days. Inside human beings in was areas especially there are many wounds that need to be healed. Forgiveness is what the world needs most of all.

We encourage you who read this to help us bring this knowledge to those who have responsibility, Governments, to politicians, business people, care persons, and authorities of all kinds… I am working to create study material so that people in all kinds of environments all over the world can get assistance to develop themselves both individually and by creating their own study circles and workshops.

To be a good leader demands that he or she dares to be honest about themselves. We mean that leaders need to be willing to work with themselves to find good solutions for the community. This is important because it is by discovering things in oneself, that we open our eyes of how the psychological mechanisms work between people.

A journey of searching I wrote along the way

The photo of these happy children is taken in the old town Pollenca on Mallorca

The word "trend" is an old Engslish word that means "TO TURN".
What about creating a peace trend?

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