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The opening of the peace gallery in Trondheim 2009

Have you ever thought of…

  •  How fantastic it is, that the atoms in your body organize themselves to be YOU?

  • That the particles, that form the atoms, that forms the molecules, that form the cells, that form you… have a plan to work after?

  • That your body cells are of many different kinds and perform many different tasks and that they cooperate to be YOU every second of your life?

  • What it means to your life that the atoms that you consist of, mostly are space, and only perceived as firm because of the speed of spinn?


     Try to imagine humanity as a huge body…

Where all the humans are the cells…

With different looks, different abilities and different tasks… 

And that we are able to cooperate just as well as our cells…

     What is the difference between a human being and a cell? 

The humans have free will. The cells seem to work after a programming? Are we programmed?


How can we make ”the Humanity Body” work as the human body? 

Have you ever reflected on… 

  • That a society consists of all the singles members, all together?

  • That every member of a community influences the whole?

  • That those members that don’t care about the community also influence it by their lack of interest?

  • That every single member of the community IS the community, or there would be no society…?

  • That every single member of a community is co-responsible for the whole?

  • That Humanity actually is ONE community?


       Have you ever thought of… 

  • That you have numerous of choices every single day?

  • That your choices - or lack of choices influence everybody else?

  • That if you let a drop of ink into a glass of water, all the water is polluted?

  •  That if you criticize others, they have the reason to criticize you

  • That if you put responsibility for something happening in your life outside of yourself by criticizing others for what happened, you give away the power in your life?


It is our dream to start permanent galleries for peace where these principles are illustrated in places where people from all over the world can come and study and bring them home to their countries.
The peace galleries will contain the universal qualities that encourage us to live in peace and understanding with each other.
The peace galleries will also contain studies and reflections about particles' abilities - which lead to the necessity to change our perception about particles. Take a look here It will have a huge impact on everything on our planet.

A similar presentation as below will be shown in the galleries.


This is the first of 3 videos showing the presentation in the Peace Gallery in Trondheim, Norway the summer 2009. They may seem slow... and it is a reason for that. You get time to reflet along!

You find the followers here:

Creating peace from within 2

Creation peace from within 3 

During the peace gallery in Steigen 2013, the presetation was reviced to contain more of what Inger has learned in the meantime.




Where do the negative thoughts come from?

Why do we worship some people whilst we look down to others?

Doesn't human beings have the same value, wherever we live, whoever we are?

Can we learn to see each other as equal wherever we are in the huge classroom of Life?



This video contains reflections on how you can make love last in relationships, but  it has also valuable insights for all, wherever we are on our life path.

Love between human beings seem to be the most important of all. This video shows how we can work to create balance in our relationships.



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