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See what I found out and about my connection with Mohammed since then, in the newsletter December 2012

My first meeting with the Prophet Mohammed: I'm a bridge builder!

I have wanted to be a peace worker for world peace since I was a child. In my search for answers I have travelled to many places.   In 2004 I visited a friend in Hyderabad in India.

She took me to the huge Muslim tomb area there to see and experience its beauty. As we had passed the entrance, I was attracted to a building to the right, which she told was a mosque, not in use. It was so peaceful and beautiful, so I went to the doorsteps to sit. After a while in silence I stood up and suddenly I heard a clear voice in my ears: What do you want here in my territory? I had got used to voices in my head about a year back, so I answered: I want to be a bridge builder between the western world and the Muslims. I knew that the voice was the voice of Mohammed and he confirmed that.

I now remember that I asked Mohammed if he was the same as Moses and he confirmed that too. It had come to my intuition earlier and now it led me to confirm my feeling about the background of Mohammed's engagement. He actually came as a messenger to the people in the same area where he had left the Jewish people about two thousand years earlier.

That day, I gave Mohammed my promise to be a bridge builder between the Western world and the members of the Muslim family. I always do my best to keep my promises. With the term "Western world", I actually meant the rest of the world. I think we are ONE family on Earth.

November 1st 2013, Moses/Mohammed "visited" me in my home and we had a fantastic revelation together, as we both understood how the emotions of the past have formed the present situation in the world.
I wrote this article the next day.


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