The Life energy is equal for all.
It is showing the way to find peace within

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There is an ”invisible” energy that gives life to all. It exists in everything that is alive. The simplest way to observe it, is in the nature. A tree just IS. A flower just IS… itself. It is what makes a human being different from a sculpture. When you study the nature of the life energy, you will discover basic things of existence.
Actually in everything alive there is Life energy, which is common for all.

  The life energy is absolutely neutral. It is there for all peoples all over the earth and makes our hearts beat.  The Life energy does not judge. It does not take part in conflicts – it gives of itself to all parts in all conflicts – and it continues to give life, whatever humans choose to do. Humans, however, have the tendency to take side, compare and treat differently.

  The life energy accepts all human beings, exactly the way we are. Whoever we are, whatever we look like, wherever we live, whatever we do, Life itself is a gift. We have the free will to dispose our lives.

  A way to see things in a new perspective: The life energy forgives us at the same moment that we have done anything wrong. Whatever we choose, we continue to live… unless we commit suicide. We don’t die if we steal, rob, murder… or do things that we know is wrong. We continue to live, but then most of us with guilty conscious.
is our challenge!

 Every moment is a new NOW. The life energy does not hold on to anything. In any given moment it puts behind what was a moment ago. It only IS. It is we who have the tendency to hold on to what has been and to worry about what comes. Our challenge is to heal the wounds of the past so we can live in the present.

   When somebody accepts us exactly the way we are and forgives us when we do something wrong, what do they actually do? Of course, they love us! We choose to define the life energy as love. The love of the life energy is completely without conditions… we often require something back when we love.
I have discovered through the resent years that the life energy actually starts with the first cell of everything alive in nature. It is love in every single cell that is the driving force that makes our bodies develop from one cell.  That is why we long for love when we don’t have it in our lives. That is why it is useful to appreciate ourselves.  Love is our basic nature.


The following tools for development are based upon these observations of the life force. The more we live in harmony with the life energy, the more balanced we get.


Our tendency to estimate makes us criticize those who think and act differently from us. We have a tendency to look up to some people and to look down at others. If we step back to observe life, we discover the value of being neutral.  We do not need to have an opinion about everything.  By showing that we can be neutral, we show inner strength. There is much wisdom in allowing things to unfold. Then we give room for others to see who they are. By taking part in conflicts, we give energy to one side, and thus the conflict increases.  This is the way it works at all levels of existence.

The most important thing of all is to accept oneself the way we are. To find our own distinctive character and be proud of the one you are is basic to find inner strength. Combined with humbleness is excellent. We are all completely unique, with different looks, background, “baggage” and with different qualities. Nobody can actually tell anybody else of how they should be. It is you who set the frame of your life. Therefore, when we find the strength in being ourselves, we also find peace.
It is an accepted truth that it is easier to see other people’s mistakes. It is difficult to admit that we have done something that we are ashamed about. It hurts. We have discovered that the more we are willing to see our own weaknesses, the more we are willing to see others and appreciate them for who they are. This is very much a matter of being honest to oneself. To dare to acknowledge our own week sides. That’s when we grow the most!

On the way to accept ourselves, I highly recommend that you acknowledge your feelings. We mean that our true nature is to be happy and full of love. Everybody longs for the good things in life. The sad feelings pull us down and that gets us out of balance. The natural mechanisms in all human beings make us push away the unpleasant. From early in life we learn to pull ourselves together to feel good. From early childhood we experience painful things that make us push unpleasant feelings into the subconscious. We don’t want to see it or notice it. When we start working consequently by accepting our feelings, the knots inside start to dissolve.  When we don’t want to acknowledge emotions they get stuck in our subconscious, creating negative thoughts.

The suppressed feelings make us get irritated, frustrated, afraid or ashamed in our everyday life. They come up when we are reminded about aspects of ourselves that we’d rather not see. Most of the time they have their roots in our childhood, youth and adult life (sometimes they come from earlier lifetimes). The more we are willing to realize what we feel, the more they dissolve. If you choose to work this way, we highly recommend going back to the memories where they come from to work through them. More  By our fantasy, we can travel back crosswise time and space and be there.  Then you discover that the feelings you have here and now are the same as you had then! You see and understand the connections through your own experience.

Forgiveness is the door opener to ourselves. When we understand how good it feels to forgive both ourselves and others, we discover how our ego holds us in limited thinking. The wounds are limiting us. When we start forgiving ourselves and others, a new way of thinking grows forth and we really see that all other humans are our brothers and sisters.

On our way, we have all been in situations where it’s difficult to forgive. Many have difficult relationships to their closest relatives. What we suggest, is to see all humans from a higher perspective. Everybody is on their path through life. Everybody is like in the huge school of life. Some might still be in the 1. grade whilst others are about to graduate. We are at different levels of development and nobody knows the others’ paths. We don’t know what makes them act the way they do.

It’s important to see another picture also. The different cultures give us perceptions and understandings that color our ways of thinking.  We have perceptions of how things should be. This is not only working between people from different nations and religions, but inside countries. Even families develop cultures of thinking. This is a challenge for all; to see that our own way is no better than others’. It is simply different.  

We know that the wounds inside play a significant role in relation to what we feel in any situation.
Our feelings are the driving force in all situations in life. When we need to forgive those who are close to us, it is always important to see it in this angle: It is their wounds/baggage that made them do what they did.

To forgive (both yourself and others) first of all means to set yourself free. When I choose to go around carrying guilt, bitterness, hatred, anger or shame, it is only I who carry it. Nobody else. Only I can ease the burden by forgiving so that I set myself free. When I ask others of forgiveness, I do the same. Then I acknowledge that I feel that I have hurt somebody.

So how forgive the “unforgiveable”? The really bad people, we shall not forgive. Persons who have acted by evil purposes shall not decide in our lives. However, it is necessary to be able to leave it behind, so that it doesn't destroy our lives. Therefore, the emotions that occurred out of such evil situations must be worked through over time.  

 To leave behind
When we have experienced not to have enough, we have thought patterns that repeat exactly what we experienced. For example. "I never have enough food". or It is never enough for me". Then exactly that will happen sooner or later, unless you have released it. That is why we need to let go. Such patterns also leads to greed.

It is the emotional baggage that makes us linger at the past and worry about the future. The more we are willing to acknowledge, forgive and let go of what hurts, the more we are able to live in the present. To enjoy life.
Worry of not succeeding or not having enough, comes from experiences where we didn’t succeed or ways of thinking we have brought with us from childhood. It might also be memories from earlier lives that keep us stuck. Any way, it’s important to see that we have life all the time. When we live positively and in joy, we are met with the same. This has been a rule of conduct at all times and in all cultures. What we give out comes back to us.

So going back to a situation to acknowledge and forgive, it’s very important to feel if you have let go of the painful emotions in the situation. If not, go back and accept what is coming up.  If you then feel even more similar emotions, you might not have finished – or there are other similar situations from your life you need to look at. When you discover how lovely it is to set yourself free from a pattern that has kept you stuck, then you continue until you are filled with joy and love. New insights about life follow!

The all-embracing life energy just gives and gives LIFE.

We compare and estimate all the time. We get angry, irritated, sad or depressed. Our greatest challenge is that we blame others for our inner wounds. Most people have not yet learned to understand the hidden mechanisms that make us place the pain outside of ourselves. That is why I am engaged in showing how our own wounds contribute to create the pain in the world. MORE

The most important thing is to see that we ARE at our core like the life energy. You are NOT created by it, you ARE it and it vibrates in you. You can discover its wonderful nature more and more by observing life. Love, joy and gratitude to life itself shows the way.   This is everybody’s ultimate goal.

A reflection in pictures and words about the keys of liberation


This is your most important tool: The free will, your own creative power and how you choose to dispose the gift that Life is.

More exact tools about how to release this way

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A Book about the Life energy and how to free ourselves from the emotional and physical pain that block our Life energy and vision, is avaliable in Norwegian. It is built on my experiences through many years of self development and release work. It is also built on experiences, guiding other people to learn the releasing tools I have developed. It is a handbook for personal use, a book that will open new doors in everyone. The way to see human beings and our lives the way I present here is quite different from what most people are used to. It's because this book represent an insight I got after having released the particles I consist of so that I understood the wholeness of creation.  It contains many examples that shed light upon the human psyche. This book shows totally new direction for humanity. It is the book you need in the years to come, because it contains what you need to take responsibility for your health, your family and the people around you. It will be basic for The Peace Program that soon will be presented in Peace Galleries around the world.

If you want to be the person to publish it in your language, please contact me!