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Imagine when we humans start to accept ourselves and each other with all the multitude that exists in this world…! Imagine that everybody really see each others as sisters and brothers!  Imagine people who have been at war for decades embracing each other, dancing, singing, sharing meals, creating strong and beautiful bonds of friendship and companionship! When you reflect on your life and the people around you, we think you will be surprised, asking: “Why haven’t I thought about this before?” Well. The change is happening NOW!


  • Website in your own language? Or help me translate this?

  • Do you know any media people? Give then a tip about this site to get it known on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines? Talkshows?

  • An Internet activist? Do you join several social networks?

  • Anything that you see as your contribution in joy and from the heart....!

  • Group leader in your own town or place? The purpose could be to help each other to release work. To bring emotions to be a talking subject.

  • A Positive Press Power workshop organizer? Look further down!

Be conscious of your choices!

The most important is that you really want to give it priority!
YOU can do it by understanding the principles about "peace from within" by reading this website and other similar sources.  We encourage you to form study circles to help and support each other's development. To be creative in all the ways you can imagine!

Joy-from-the-heart worker?
To be a group leader,  you are a person who starts acting in your own surroundings by being and living what you feel in your heart.  Being inspired by these ideas is enough to start.  You can start by sending one of the video presentations to your friends! Then you can suggest to create a group to actively learn the contents on this webside and the connected webside, containig even more detailed description of release work.... and along the way, new ideas will come to you of how to spread these ideas in your own environment and even your own country.

Create your own website?
This website is developed in Norway. Do you have web skills or want to learn to make your own website by the driving force of creating peace. You are free to quote from this website when you tell the source.  You can create a site the way YOU find the best to present it in your culture. I will be happy to get a link to it!

Activist who works in all possible ways
We can use all the media channels avalaible to get peoples all over the world to catch on this idea. Take a look at the idea list of this page.  Think through your situation... To whom can you take a telephone, write a letter or send an email?  Who can you contact personally?  Are there any television or radio programs you like especially to watch? Does it fit our idea?  What about writing a letter from your heart to the crew behind that program, telling about this idea?  Either you ask to come in the studio yourself or you ask them to find their own ways to express it... go for it fully! Help millions of people catch heart peace fire...:) !

Do you know a politician? - Or are you member of a political party that may ignite on these ideas? Are there people there that could ignite? Send them a video or make your own leaflet!

Internet activist
Are you already one who sits up late at night chatting with friends all over the world?  There are numerous social networks and chat programs to use to put out your own ideas. To join the Global Peace Family, you simply go for expressing form your heart the ideas you find on this website.  If you commit this way, please contribute on our Building Bridges Facebook site or on Twitter

Positive Press workshop Organizer
If you work in the media world or have any connections in media, this might be the engagement for you!  The press and all other media has central roles to play in peace processes.  We believe that The power of TV, radio, newspapers, magazines are enough in itself to create world peace if the peaople there change their attitude. What is said and written in the media, easily becomes "truth".  We want to use this in a positive way and make all peace loving journaslists aware of how they can use their power positively when they think differently.   Use your fantacy to connect to media people! Use this website as an inspirartion! More further down.

You can work in all the positive ways that comes to you!
We want to underline, that you do not need an education to understand these principles. The most important is to want to contribute by being willing to see the connection between your own choices and direction in which humanity is moving.  It is a matter of willingness to set yourself free to contribute to the world community. .
Our goal is to spread this to be common knowledge so that it is natural to accept your emotions, to forgive yourself and others...and let go of the pain so that you are able to see with positive eyes.  We need to realize that everyone of us are responsible for our lives... and our world!  Our reseach shows that  we can all easily learn how to change our attitudes to open up to a new and wonderful world. 


I am still at the beginning of bringing this way of thinking out into the world. I write everything on this website myself. More
I would appreciate very much donations helping me on. My first book based on the principles of how to release oneself from emotional pain, to find inner peace, is finished. Would you like to contribute to publish it?

I have written it in Norwegian and I would love to have it translated into many languages. If you are a person that want to contribute to this new way of thinking; freeing ourselves form emotional baggage, really bringing the issue of forgiving forth as a way of showing the world that conflicts and wars actually starts with single human beings, please contact me!



Suggestion to put in action!  Workshop for media people: "Positive Creative Press"

It is our opinion that many of the ways news media present news today, produce frustration, anger and pain.
We mean that news media have a huge responsibility to be positive co-creators in the development of the world society.  It doesn’t serve us to be filled with negative news and a lot of painful pictures. Our thoughts function like this: When we see dreadful situations, we feel overwhelmed, powerless, frustrated and maybe we feel anger towards those who created it.  We think thoughts like: “This is awful!” "Why don't they...? " I hate them for what they do." "I could kill him. "What happens actually this: We add our energy to the situation so it becomes worse so if we think something is awful, it doesn't get better! Our thoughts are creating energy. We need to stop being overwhelmed! Media have a huge responsibility to help the audience change attitudes to positive thinking!

Instead of focusing at those awful things happening, it is enough to inform shortly about the situation and then start building positive and hopeful pictures instead. The media has both the means and the power to do so.
For ex. In the Middle East: We need to see possibilities for the countries and people there live in harmony and peace... Like all human beings' wish for ourselves... We need to see them eat, sing and dance together... to shake hands... to forgive and let go of the pain of the past. We, the world opinion, can give them positive energy by believing that it is possible to create peace.

If you have means for it the organizer of this website can come to your country to give lechtures and participate, you can contact us. The price for one day is 250 euro plus journey and accomodation.

Below you see peace work done by true enthusiasts working building bridges between people of different cultures and religion - stories that should get into the news!

Inspiration for all!



This song by the Swedish songwriter Michael Wiehe is a great encouragement to all. Here is the English translation:

A song for courage
Translation by Mikael Wiehe og Erik Stinus

This is a song for courage,
a little simple song
to all who trust the day will break
and end the night so long.
This is a song for courage,
a tune to help us dare,
though some may think it is absurd
I sing it: we are here.

This is a song for courage,
for smiles and joy and hope,
to all who trust the strength of love
that can with hatred cope;
to all who unite and stand up
to never drop their case;
to all who know how hard it is
and yet will say their "yes".

This is a song for courage
to those who dare to see,
to those who won't be silenced,
but talk straight of things to be;
to those who are building bridges;
to those who open doors,
believing that what should be done
can mankind do, of course.




This is a song for ev'ryone
refusing to give up,
for those who keep on fighting hard
though bitter was their cup,
for those who still dare to long for
what they have never seen,
for those who do not bend or bow
but stand there, proud and keen.

This is a song for courage,
it is from me to you,
a little simple song to sing,
my hope is in it too.
So guard it well, learn it, hum it
- and if you do, it's bound
to grow and spread, this simple tune
the whole wide World around.

Mikael Wiehe


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