Why the human psyche
is the clue!


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April 17th 2013

The conflicts and wars start inside the human beings.

Peace in the world will come when we realize how conflicts occur. They have origin in the human nature, in our feelings and thoughts! Our emotions are our own. It is the same for all human beings. Only you can face your pain, whoever caused it!

To heal the world, we need to be able to put things behind us. To be able to do that, we need to realize what created the emotions in us leading to greed, envy, jealousy, selfishness... What make us feel guilty, ashamed or unworthy...?

For all human beings, it starts with happenings in our childhood and youth and it continues up through life... Many small situations that made us feel ignored, abandoned, not good enough situations when we were scolded... Those wounds lead to our emotional reactions and our choices later in life.

To set you free from your emotional baggage, you need to go back to memories that you remember as painful first of all. When realizing exacty what you felt... Then you are able to forgive those who caused your pain, even yourself for stupid things you regret and ask of forgiveness. Then you discover that those sentences coming up are exactly what you repeat as negative thoughts about other people in your daily life. Seeing this, the doors of your life start to open!

This is really imortant to understand!

What I have found is rather challenging to realize. It is because we actually create our own misfortune and unhappy situations. They are created by the subconscious, repeating the wounds in our emotional baggage.

The reason forgiveness is so important, is that negative thoughts that come from our emotional wounds in our everyday life in the past, create new similar situations in our lives. We most of all we need to forgive ourselves and those that are close to us, to be happy. Most of us may actually be rather self critical, but we rarely think of ourselves that way.

To create peace, we need to know how the human psyche functions.
An example. A wound from the childhood when you were not met of your needs, at a moment when your parents were busy, may have caused the child in you to repeat subconsciously: "Nobody sees me. They are stupid because they don't understand how good I am at things."

From then on you start interpreting life according your wound.

The repetitions create exactly what they say: You are not seen. The others are stupid in your eyes because they don't see that you are good at things. The energy system of the human beings (the chakra system) work so that the sentences are sent out from your cells constantly as a message to your surroundings. Your surroundings perceive your repeating thoughts as a truth.  To say this very clearly: They work as creating energy. So you experience situations when you are not seen and  people don't really care about your work.

This way, we create and create our lives and weave our wounds into each other constantly, so to speak. Until we see that we have to forgive, not only our parents for not seeing us. We also need to forgive ourselves for thinking that we were/are not seen and cared for. This is why it's advisable to go back to the memory to release.

To feel that we are ignored and let down when we are children is common and this kind of patterns is very common and give pain in the neck when repeated. Thus similar things happens in our lives and enforce the repeated thoughts. Physical pain occur because our emotions are connected to the entire physical body by the chakra system.
My opinion is that we all need to understand this mechanism in our psyche to live happy lives. When we realize this and start releasing, we also see how to meet others in a better way.
This is why peace in the world must come from the inside of every single human being.

Greetings from Inger

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