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May 16th 2014
Logical-philosophical studies of particles show the way!

By studying the qualities that the particles must have to be able to form matter, we find many basic qualities. They are actually good basic qualities for a society! They are in the smallest building blocks we consist of. Look at this...
To form atoms and molecules, the particles must:

  Cooperate with all
  Trust each other
  See each other as equal
  Be dutyful (they perform  
      programmings for us all the time)
  Be persistent
  Be patient
  Allow each other to do what they do
  Enjoy what they do
  Be playful


 More about soul qualities


April 29th 2014
The particles that belong to our sun are prescious!

During the last years, I have been able to communicate with my cells. The last year I have even started to take in information directly from single particles. I receive it as sensing, as new insights, flashes on the retina and as words. One of the most important things I have understood, and that I would like to tell researchers about, is the difference between the particles in our solar system and in other solar systems. I know enough about this now to give lechtures about it. It is exciting who is going to be the first to invite me. Sooner or later, the particles will be totally de-programmed of the old programmings that have prevented the human beings to know the truth about themselves. Then I will be heard.

I can travel out in space by my thoughts, but my mind have only partially a true sense of direction when doing that. I am present where my soul is and she can tell  me details. It's rather facinating to be me, I can tell you! :)  I have what I call "knowingness" about existence. It's more than certainty. It's what my enlightened cells know because they can get information from particles in the entire solar system. Therefore, I can give information, which today is not known to researchers who search for answers by studying the particles in scientific ways.  In other words, there is a need to open up to that the particles have qualities that can be characterized as conscious, to be able to learn new aspects about the nature of particles.

The reason that particles in our solar system are different than particles in all other solar systems, is the life on Earth. The particles have fantastic abilities to remember. (That is why we can remember). They store the knowledge about what they have done earlier. The particles have in a way stored experiences from all the millions of years when there has been life on Earth. They have ability to free themselves after the different "tasks" they do. Our sun's particles can perform both the invisible, ethereal energy and the physical structure that we can see. - And they perform soul energy of course, it's the same kind of particles! When a leaf wilters in wild nature, some of the particles goes back to the soil, while most of the particles dissolve the molecular structure and becomes water and free particles, which goes back to the sun and spin themselves to the left around their own axis until they have freed themselves from the task they had. Then they become white light particles again and by doing so, they increase their frequency in themselves so that our sun is kept as a sun of white light. Then they continue to vibrate as white light until they again are pulled into a flower, an animal or a human cell.

 As human beings, we shift some of our cells directly from the sun light. Believe it or not: Particles get tired and need to rest. They do it, either by sleeping (they do that when it's dark) or by going out of the task they perform, so that they can be only themselves and go back to the sun to spin to become white light again. It is their nature. Particles can actually choose to go back to the same persons after cleasing like this, but then, they don't go all the way back to the sun.

Particles that have been around the Earth, but not belonged in our sun, have not the same abilites. Unfortunately, in the last decades, there have been particles from other suns in other galaxies in our solar system, that have contributed to the climate change, to the increasing conflicts and injustice we experience on Earth. (Among other things, they have made the population increase too much). One kind came from what by NASA was called the Photon belt in the 1960's. That was particles that had their origin in a very shiny, white star in a far galaxy. (To space researchers: Take the direction of Sirius continue in the same direction through The Milky Way and continue in the same direction and you will find it. It has had no planets until now.) They were led to our solar system in the purpose to improve the conditions on Earth, but it failed because they weren't able to perform the tasks that our Suns' s particles have learned through millions of years. The programmings on them were done in unfortunate ways and the particles could not understand that they contributed to more suffering. They are now de-programmed and are finding the way back to their origin sun.

If you who read want to hear more about what I know about particles and their conscious nature, please contact me on tel. 0047 9515 4025

Inger Susæg, Skagstad, 8289 Engeløya, Norge.


15. april 2014

The emotions that are in our way...  are obstacles for science.

As many of my readers know, I have worked with releasing emotions since 2004. I had a strong driving force in me to find answers to the important questions in life. I had discovered how important it is to accept ourselves the way we are, to be able to love oneself and exceed negative thoughts. Then I thought: If accepting myself is what I need to get on, I need to accept all aspects of myself, even my painful feelings. It resulted in trying out how it was to accept every single feeling about one memory. It brought fantastic insights. I realized that our feelings are much more varied than we are aware of. I knew how important it is to forgive and worked through the same situations by forgiving myself and those who were involved, and by asking of forgiveness to the persons involved, pretending they were in front of me. It showed up, not to be enough. Still, there were painful feelings inside of me. 
Then came the big breakthough. I had wondered a lot about what is the core of the human being, and found that the most important for all is to feel good, to feel loved and to love someone. I realized that my true nature is love. Suddenly I understood, that I had to forgive everything I felt that is not love! That was the clue I had been looking for. When I applied that, I could put the pain behind me completely.

I think I am the only lecturer and writer who claim this as important in self development work... that your soul's nature is love and that everything that is not love, can be released by realizing exactly what you feel and why you feel that way. In addition, one need to work just as thoroughly through forgiving oneself for having felt painful and bad feelings.  It concerns especially the feelings we push aside because they are too painful to feel. Religion and/or culture have taught us that we shouldn't think bad thoughts or be bad. Therefore we suppress such feelings and store them inside... It's such feelings, that lead to blame, aggression, violence and conflicts.

Therefore, the method, The Keys of Liberation that we developed, is very good at trauma treatment. We can challenge any awful memory that we might have experienced... and cry through them by realizing what we feel and find the reason for the feelings in detail, because then we are able to forgive ourselves for all the feelings not in alignment with love. Then you kan leave the pain behind for ever.

The biggest challenge you meet, is when you get to the point of needing to forgive those who caused what hurt. The most important perspective I learned, was to see, that everybody else have their own emotional baggage and background too, which make them act the way they do. That may give a mitigating perspective in kinds of relations.
Another perspective that helps; you can find generosity in yourself to realize that it doesn't serve you to carry bitterness or hatered to other people, inside of you. The feelings are our own. It is actually very liberating to forgive, and by that, set yourself free from painful memories. I have worked with many people who have managed to forgive both their closest relatives and strangers being aggressors, when they realized that their emotional baggage made them do the bad things.

During the recent years, however, I have discovered how the negative particles have influenced human life. There have been several types of negative energies with different agendas, which has worked against us. The humans have not been aware of that they have been infiltrated by negative particles that have influenced their feelings, thoughts, choices and acts. There has been a negative sexual energy present among the humans, especially during the last 40 years. It has been multiplied, which has led to many abusive situations. Many men have had that energy in them, so that they have not been able to control their behavior. They have thought that they have had the right to do what they did, at the moment they did abusive acts. Of course they don't have any right to behave like that, but it may be at help for persons who want to forgive, to know that such negative energies may have been present in humans who was bad without really meaning to be bad. There has also been a female energy that has wanted to be beauty queen in stead of being themselves, a lazy and ruling energy. Many women and young girls have done things to themselves and others that were destructive because of that. Both these energies have made many marriages break up.

These energies are leaving Earth and the human beings. People will still be here, with the emotional wounds, even if many of painful feelings were caused by negative energies. Humans will continue to blame each other, unless we start thinking differently. We need methods that help us work through painful memories so that we can dissolve the negative feelings. For me, who know about the negative particles, it's important to explain people these circumstances. The people we love, may have been misled to do bad things because they were taken over by negative eneregies.

The challenge for me as a writer and lecturer, is to explain how positive and fruitful it is to recognize feelings and forgive. It is because the bigger and smaller memories about the difficult things prevent us from developing as humans and as a species. The more we are willing to release and let go of painful baggage at the personal level, the more insights we get, because by that, we remove limiting thinking and what prevents connection to universal wisdom and particle understanding. This is the challenge for science, where humanity is today. It's because our soul actually consists of particles.   The particles' dance

Inger Susæg is the writer of the book "The Life Energy and the secret of the cells" She would love to sell the rights to it in many languages,

March 15th 2014

The particles we consist of, the particles of our solar system are very, very prescious!

Do you know what make you able to see? The particles that you consist of have the ability to see!

Do you know what makes your computer able to show pictures on the screen? It's the particles' ability to perform programmings and colours!

Do you know what make you able to reflect on what you read? It's because your mind consists of conscious particles!

Do you know what make you able to hear? It is because the particles that you consist of have the ability to hear!

Do you know why it is important to give thanks from your heart? Because the particles that everything alive consist of, love gratitude!

Do you know why you are able to think? Because the particles that everything consists of are conscious - and so are all parts of you!

Do you know why you have the ability to smell? It's because the particles everything consists of have the ability to smell!

Do you know what make flowers able to smell wonderfully? It's because the particles they consist of have the ability to emit aroma!

Do you know what make food taste? It is because the particles that the food consist of have the ability to give aroma!

Do you know what makes a seed able to develop to be a tree? It is the memory and ability to cooperate of the particles that it consists of!

Do you know what make you search for love? It's because your cells and your soul consist of particles, whose true nature is love!

Do you now what make you alive and keep you alive? It is every single cell's love for itself. It is the particles' ability to love! It was programmed when humanity was developed as a species.

Love and gratitude to all the particles in you that make you able to understand this greatness! 

Greetings from Inger :)


February 23rd 2014

Now, really great things are happening at the particle level.

The huge shift in consciousness starts at the particle level and it will influence EVERTYTHING in our existence because everything consists of particles, even our minds and souls.

You might have read what I wrote about the young people who was killed at Utøya and in Oslo July 22nd 2011. I have contact with them daily. <3 (Take a look at the blog from Dec.1st ). They are participating in developing the new dimension that is important in establishing the new consciousness. Right now, one of the girls eagerly came to me to tell that her mother has got the ability to see her. She was present in the livingroom of her parents and called on her mother by her name and told her that she was there to visit her. Her mother responded in a completely new way! She could glimse the figure of her. :)

When I move by my consciousness to the particle level (I have achieved what is called enlightenment by self development work), I get this information: The particles of our eyes have high frequency and ability to take in the ethereal level.
This happens because the particles are about to perform in a completely new way - or you may say, the way they were at the beginning of the history of humanity. The particles in everything alive have their origin in our sun and they now remember their nature as particles and know that they can spin both as atomic structure and as ethereal energy (Flower of Life pattern). Dear friends, this will happen more and more in the time to come. It shows the way for how we will experience the passage between earth and heaven in the future. :)

This afternoon, I need to add something. The girl comes to tell me that the person she connects to must believe that those who are dead are able to be present with them, but in another form. They need to be open to recieve thought impulses from the person who is in the ethereal dimension.

These young people have worked very actively with themselves and many of them have achieved the first master level by their own efforts. Now they are ready to tear down the violent games and movies from the shelfs in the shops! They have wanted this for a long time, but the time has not been ready for it because of many programmings that have been limiting the particles of our solar system. The negative energy has prevented the particles from giving us true information about ourselves. Many similar things will happen that show way for humanity, just wait and see! :)

NB! These beautiful young people were not meant to die to do this job! Many adult people in the new dimension hold the new and true perception and conviction together. The young people do this because they were well taken care of and got the opportunity to develop within release work and true particle wisdom. They have actually educated in the new ethereal dimension around the earth so that they now contribute to that the development on Earth will turn in a new direction. (The killer was ruled by the negative energy. It will leave our solar system.)


January 23rd 2014

Nature scientists, wake up! The particles that everything consist of, are CONSCIOUS!

I invite you to think differently - to look in new directions, to get a breakthrough into a totally new understanding.

I have approached the particles that everything consist of by studying the connection between body, mind and feelings for many years. I have also got astonishing revelations by applying logical philosophy on what we know about atoms. My perception today is that all particles were the same kind at the origin of existence - they are light particles - However, they have the ability to spin in many different ways to perform the different kinds of matter and energy, and therefore they are perceived differently by scientists who study them.

I discovered that both our mind and our emotions consist of particles that spin differently than what they do in matter. The particles forming consciousness spin in light structures that are invisible to the physical eye. We take our minds and feelings for granted. We don't give the tools we consist of much attention, do we?
However, to ask entirely new questions and to open up different ways of thinking, give possibilities for exciting and logical answers.

have a tremendous capacity to remember. Think of all the information there is inside a tiny seed... or a fertilized cell! Particles also have fantastic capacities to communicate with each other - even in far distances. Everything in the physical life is based upon their abilities, and yet we have not seen it, because the nature sciences have a mechanical approach to research - and to life.

Particles also have a number of qualities that are easy to discover when you reason logically in terms of atomic and molecular structures. The physical existence could not have existed if the particles didn't have the ability to know all the elements' composition and to know how they form all the connections between them, the molecules. I mean that the particles also must have the abilities to cooperate and to trust each other to be able to form matter ...

These are my allegations that I would love to speak about in all kinds of natural scientific forums, including to researchers of medical science. My approach to find out about the particles, was by communicating with my cells to find out why pain occurred in my body. By that, I found many of the hidden secrets of Life. Not known, because they are seemingly invisible and according today's thinking, not interesting for scientific research. It is of huge importance to understand that all the different parts of the human being are conscious because the particles are conscious. Not only the physical structure, but what is inside of us, making the human body different from stone.

I would love to give lectures about my approach and knowledge about particles to people all around the world.

Inger Susæg, Norway         Contact


December 5th 2013 The origin of Life in our galaxy The Milky Way

December 1st 2013

THE LAMP IN  MY WINDOW - my reality - the truth behind.
A few days after July 22nd 2011, when the awful happened in Norway, I got an SMS from a friend suggesting to put light in a window for those who died in Oslo and at Utøya. I turned on this lamp and it has been shining since then. As I have released much of my emotional baggage, my cells are enlightened. It means that I can sense and communicate with the people who have died, who live in an ethereal world - what many of you would call heaven.

A month after the awful happened, there was a memorial day by the government and an appendix containing all the names with pictures and tributes to all those who had died, was published by one of the Oslo newspapers. (Dagbladet)  It remained on my kitchen table for a long time. Little by little, with the help of the mother of a childhood friend who died some years ago, the many young (and some older) people found each other. They formed their own community where they support each other in the dimension where they are. One day in september that year, I read all the tributes for them. They could take in the energy in the words and they could see the pictures.  - So from time to time, when they ask me, I find the appendix and open one page at the time and leave it for some time. The lamp in the window is their "entering portal" to my home. When they focus at it, they are here! It is the way it works in their world. They move here by their thoughts.

I recognize some of them by their names and understand when they want to tell me something. Then I get a thought impuls that I know comes from them. I know that they are OK now. They have created their own homes and they can do many different things in the world where they are. Many of them are very engaged in giving impulses to politicians and state leaders about thinking differently. Then they are present in the energy field of those people that they guide.
It was an impuls from one of the girls, Ingrid, that made me start to make crosswords for the local newspaper last spring! She was in my field daily when I was sitting by my kitchen table solving crosswords - until she started to make crosswords in their ethereal dimesion to share with other people. She asks elder people of advise and they have joined. So as I had difficulties to make ends meet, she suggested I did the same as he, to earn some extra money! She is actually helping me when I make crosswords. :)

The human beings in the ethereal society I tell you about have asked me to write about this. They mean it's time the human beings understand the connection between heaven and earth. They ask me especially to say this: Stop saying "rest in peace" to those who have died! Life after death can be active and developing!
The thoughts of people who think about those who are dead, influence them a lot! They want that the human beings understand that they must mourn and then let go of their greif, to set free the people who have died, so that they can live their own lives in the ethereal world.

Inger Susæg