Solving conflicts

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Many people suffer in the world. Attacks, wars and need to rule over others ; These are ways of behavior caused by frustration, bitterness, anger and greed that are stuck inside single human beings! These are emotions that have roots in previous situations in the life of the person. The driving force behind all actions are emotions! The reason human beings don’t understand how to solve conflicts is hidden in our psyche. Painful memories from childhood and youth make us repeat unconsciously, for example: “The others are stupid” or “He shall pay for it.” Or “They think they are better than me”… or similar. That work as creating energy!

We all have responsibility for the choices we do every day, even we who live in peaceful countries. Every single human being's choice, or lack of choice, influences society. Most humans lack understanding about how our psyche works and influences our lives. It is very important to open up to understand how release of painful emotions gives insights and increasing insights.  

Most pain we experience, both mentally and physically, has their roots in painful experiences back in time. It may, for example, have been once we were hurt /abandoned or when we did stupid or bad things and felt guild/shame. Our soul carries the pain until the wound is released and forgiven.  To free ourselves from painful feelings, we actually need to find a way to dissolve them so we can leave the pain behind and think of the memory without feeling sad, abandoned or angry etc . (Link at the bottom of page) No one else can do it for us. We all need to do it for ourselves. However, this is the driving force I have found:

The more we dissolve and release emotional pain, the more insights we get in life!   

Everywhere in the world where people are in conflict and war with each other, they may get help to handle the conflict by stopping and reflecting: What is the driving force to what I do? What do I feel that makes me rebel? What do I feel that makes me want to shoot and kill? What do I feel that makes me do things against my own will? In some cases people must really be confronted with; Why do you choose to harass and kill innocent people?
Through my work, I have discovered that souls that have been through much hardship and have many wounds have become cynical and may lack compassion. They really need help to see that what they do, doesn’t solve problems, but create more.

I want to go in front to show a completely new thinking when it comes to solving conflicts. Not only between countries, but between people who think differently. My conclusion is that all human beings can go in front as “peace workers” by releasing their own emotions. By experiencing what it means to release painful memories, the gathered experiences grow, so that we can share it with each other. Then we achieve strength, insights and courage to be able to explain and teach those who fight and kill what they need do do to see peaceful solutions.

A website about how to dissolve painful emotion

Inger Susaeg, Norway