From the exhibition
Can a different way of thinking about existence lead to agreements on peace?

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July 2015
Tweets written during my exhibition
in Steigen in Norway. They reflect the contents of the exhibition. I have made a separate poster in the gallery called "Today's tweet". New statements will be added daily through this month.  The beginning of the month is written at the top. Photos at the bottom.

I wonder if anyone who feel the smell of waffles would shoot at other human beings?

To create lasting peace, humans must be able to forgive themselves and others. All parties in wars needs to, for reconciliation to happen.

The only way to be able to forgive what is happening in the present world, is to learn how the negative particles operate in people.

To find a new direction for humanity, both science and religions must realize that existence consists of particles with conscious abilities.

To find proof of particles' consciousness, the humans need to study what abilities the particles must have, to form atoms and molecules.

This is what my exhibition shows. It can be translated to all languages. It can be sent all over the world. For universities, libraries etc.

To form atoms and molecules, the particles must be able to cooperate. Agree?

To form atoms and molecules, the particles must trust each other, right? Like we trust that everybody drives at the same side of the road.

In order for a seed to become a plant, it must contain the information about the plant, right? Thus the seed's cells are able to remember!

What does it take for your cells constantly to form your body and your face? - They must remember the information about you!

The cells must be able to communicate information from the first fertilized egg to all the other cells. Cells can remember and communicate!

Cooperation, confidence, ability to remember and communicate are conscious qualities found in the cells we consist of.

What make YOU able to remember? I know the answer. It is actually your cells that remember, because PARTICLES HAVE THE ABILITY TO REMEMBER.

What makes a memory card in a computer or in a camera able to remember? It is because particles have the ability to remember!

According atom physics, the particles are tiny compared to the size of atoms. The spinn of the particles form the experience of firmness.

The body is just seemingly firm. It has room for other forms of energy that makes us live, ie. particles that spin in other ways within it.

By showing a basic and new way of thinking about existence, I work for peace crosswise all religions, cultures and sciences.

I see beyond. I wish I could tell the world's leaders what I know. There would not be so many fear-based actions if the leaders knew the facts about certain things.

Media often enhances news the wrong way. Intelligence service functions as a driving force for war. There are always interpretations of situations in another culture behind the messages intelligence services give out.

All human beings want to live in peace and happiness, right? That is our true nature. The challenge is to allow others to find their way.

The universal qualities are based upon ancient wisdom and human experiences through thousands of years. New page.

In a well-functioning consciousness-universe, all basic understanding emanates from one particle's consciousness. On earth there are many.

The most potent decition we can do in life is to be honest with ourselves. It influences everybody around us also.

We need to find back to TRUST between people, trust in society.

Do you have sense of justice?

One of the issues the world need to set focus at most of all is forgiveness.

To be optimistic is an active choice. Hope is the driving force for the good experiences.

Equal rights for all citizens must be granted in all countries.

The ethereal body is an invisible body, seen in the dimensions where we go to when we die if we had a good self perception when being alive.

A person who blows himself up does not live on after death. He loses his ethereal body because it also gets blown to bits.
The cells in the body contain etheral "cells" where the light particles spin like this picture shows.

This exhibition is for sale for you who find it interesting to spread knowledge of how to find and show the conscious abilities of particles. The exhibition consists mainly of laminated posters. In this form it can be sent worldwide very cheap. A booklet with all the texts and pictures can be sent at your request.
However, it is
my desire to make it in roll-ups, intended for traveling exhibitions. It's small, oblong boxes containing a roll you can stretch up as a canvas.
It works better than laminated posters and looks professional. Such roll-ups may have built-in lighting. If an organizer in another country would like to book my exhibition, I would like to cooperate to have made roll-ups for that country's language and exhibitions.



From the exhibition in Steigen.